Joanne P Stein
oyologist and Success Coach

Inspiring and sustaining success for individuals, groups and organizations


 Here's what clients have said about me...

I have known Joanne for several years, and what I realize about her is that "joyology" is not just a profession for her, it is a way of life. She walks the talk. The techniques and principles that she teaches to others, she applies in her own life. I have watched her joyfully confront and rebound from some very difficult circumstances...and she has done so with such grace, faith and confidence that I can only say, "I want some of that!" 

I have learned so much from Joanne through her vulnerable sharing of her own experiences, and her perceptive comments to me about me and my work. It also seems that her wonderful blogs come at the most appropriate times when I feel the need for encouragement in some of my own darker moments. I highly recommend Joanne if you are looking for motivation, resources and techniques to revive and renew your life and spirit, so that you can, as she says, "live your most joyous life." One chat with her, and you will know you are worthy of such joy. Thank you, Joanne!
~Summer Bacon, Spiritual Teacher, Sedona, AZ


Spending time with JP, as a client, colleague, or friend, brings joy into your life on so many levels. Her sense of humor is delightful; her inner wisdom extensive, and her insights extremely valuable. Those insights lead you into introspection, dissolution and reintegration - in other words - into personal, joyous evolution. Every joyous minute with her is time well-spent.
 ~ Kim Stacy, Author, Boulder Creek, CA 


JP is amazing. I have had some serious health problems and she has given me the strength and confidence to fight the battle. In just a sentence or two, she can lift my spirits and tell me what I must do to continue the positive thoughts.
~Mary Margaret Kljunak, Retired Principal, Burbank, CA


JP is also an extraordinary coach...She is extremely psychic and has an amazing ability to take people quickly to their "stuck places" and give instruction on removing the blocks.
~Nan Fortune, Professional Numerologist, Scottsdale, AZ


JP Stein is a coach of the highest order because she has lived, breathed, and walked her talk.  Her personal stories guide you in your journey, and her heartfelt sharing of her own lessons will save you the effort of repeating them. JP is an angel and a gift to all who find and work with her.
~Ann Albers, Author, Lecturer, Angel Communicator, Phoenix, AZ


One of the many things I enjoy most about JP Stein is her mastery of thought and word.  Her ability to maintain a positive outlook, stay in the present moment with her language, and then share this joy with the world through her writing is such an extraordinary gift.  Every exchange I have with her leaves my spirit lifted.  As a joyologist, she truly walks the talk and consistently inspires others (and myself) to 'step outside the box' to experience a genuine ray of sunshine." 
 ~ Vicki L. Christensen, Owner,, Chandler, AZ

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