Joanne P Stein
oyologist and Success Coach

Inspiring and sustaining success for individuals, groups and organizations

Coaching and Consulting Services


Joanne P Stein helps individuals to:

ü  Improve their effectiveness within today's fast-paced and changing environment.
ü  Increase their self-awareness and in-depth understanding of situations so that they can make
      informed choices.
ü  Clarify professional or personal goals and transform ideas into actions.
ü  Change careers or take advantage of a new business direction or opportunity.
ü  Learn practical tips and techniques to improve the quality of their busy life.
ü  Move forward after changes in their family situation (divorce, new marriage, empty nest)
      or health status.
ü  Access their inner wisdom to solve problems thereby decreasing stress and increasing feelings
      of well-being and empowerment.
ü  Continue personal and spiritual growth and development.
ü  Sustain their motivation to achieve personal or professional goals.
ü  Celebrate their successes!

Joanne P Stein helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to:

ü  Design and develop customized training to achieve business objectives.
ü  Develop executive leadership skills to improve competitive business performance.
ü  Identify the most successful behavioral styles for each job title within an organization.
ü  Conduct effective job interviews so they can hire, retain and promote the best.
ü  Create job descriptions with measurable performance standards, develop a
      performance review procedure and plan for retirement or succession.
ü  Improve morale, teamwork and communication.
ü  Motivate existing managers and employees to achieve optimal performance.
ü  Decrease stress and increase job satisfaction for all organizational levels.
ü  Create job specific checklists to measure performance and to ensure quality.
ü  Prevent job burnout and restore balance between work and personal life.

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