Joanne P Stein
oyologist and Success Coach

Inspiring and sustaining success for individuals, groups and organizations

Areas of Expertise
 Joanne P Stein's Areas of Expertise 

• Decreasing stress and increasing feelings of well being and empowerment by helping individuals to access their inner wisdom to solve problems

• Giving quick, practical ideas and thoughts on how to better the quality of busy lives

• Increasing an individual's self-awareness and in-depth understanding of situations so they can make empowered life choices 

• Clarifying career goals, transforming ideas into actions and motivating people to achieve and sustain optimal performance on the job

• Creating and delivering practical, insightful and uplifting seminars and one-on-one coaching sessions on such topics as: hiring and retaining winners, stress management, leadership development, spirituality in the work place, teamwork, effective communication skills and being your personal best

Contact Joanne at 480-661-6422 or so you can start benefiting from partnering with an experienced, professional success coach.

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